Catherine with Doll

Catherine Bank

Catherine with her Grandmother

Catherine wearing Hat with Childhood Friends

Catherine - Germany 1948

Colonel Bank & Catherine on

their Wedding Day

August 4, 1948

Mrs. (Aaron) Catherine Suzanne Bank

Catherine Colorized

Catherine and Colonel Bank

Catherine and Colonel Bank

Colonel Bank and Catherine

Colonel Bank, Linda

being held by Catherine

Colonel Bank, Catherine and

a Group of Friends

Catherine and Colonel Bank

Catherine and Colonel Bank

Catherine and Colonel Bank

Catherine and Colonel Bank

Colonel Bank and Catherine

Colonel Bank and Catherine riding in the San Juan Capistrano Annual Parade

Catherine riding in the Annual San Juan Capistrano Parade

Catherine Bank, Great grandmother with granddaughter Michelle and two great grandsons K.J. and Wyatt

Posted August 14, 2015

Catherine Colorized

             Catherine Suzanne Bank (nee Wagner) was born on July 3, 1920 in Munich, Germany.  She was raised in Luxembourg by her parents Gertrude and Jean Nicolas Wagner and was an only child but had a large extended family and from her accounts, had a happy childhood.


            In 1939 the Nazis invaded her country and life became difficult.  Naturally, she and all the citizens of Luxembourg were overjoyed when her country was liberated at the end of WWII and Catherine wanted to do something to give back to the United States.  Since she was fluent in five languages, she became an interpreter for the U.S. Air Force and went to Wiesbaden, Germany to work in the court system where Nazi war criminals were tried.  One day at the base pool, a soldier whose job at the time was hunting down Nazi war criminals, noticed her.  He wanted to impress her so he did a handstand out of the pool and introduced himself.  His name was Aaron Bank. They began dating and on August 4, 1948, they were married and honeymooned on the French Riviera.  Soon they were off to the United States and Catherine became a U.S. citizen.  Aaron went off to fight in the Korean Conflict and Catherine gave birth to their first child, Linda, at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.  Aaron became the First Commander of Special Forces in 1952.  Special Forces moved to Bavaria for training and the family went along.  In 1954, Catherine had their second child, Alexandra, ("Sandy") in Munich, Germany.  When Aaron was assigned to the Pentagon, the family moved back to the Washington D.C. area. In 1958, Colonel Aaron Bank retired.


            The family moved that year to San Clemente, California.  After the excitement of living in different areas on two continents and having close ties to the Army and Special Forces families, Catherine was a bit lost at first in what then was a tiny hamlet at the end of Orange County.  She and Aaron became involved in the PTA at their daughters’ school and when they discovered that their was no library at the school, they created one, collecting used books from other parents and from used book stores in Santa Ana and Orange.  This was just one of their many projects in PTA.  She also began teaching Sunday School at the San Clemente Presbyterian Church.  She taught her daughters to sew, cook and bake, did homework with them and took them to all of their activities.  French and German Clubs were often held at the Bank household when her daughters were in high school.  At one point, Catherine was invited several times to translate letters and documents for President Nixon at the Western White House and one day the President personally followed her out to the parking lot to thank her for her service.  Aaron and Catherine’s first and only grandchild, Michelle, was born in 1986 and Catherine thoroughly enjoyed being a grandma. Chapter XII, of the Special Forces Association,  was formed close to them, both Aaron and Catherine were overjoyed to reconnect with old friends and to meet new ones and became very involved in the activities of this group!  Catherine was very touched when the Special Forces Association, Chapter 12, named itself after her!!! Catherine also often accompanied Aaron on many of his speaking engagements here in the U.S. and abroad.


            Aaron and Catherine moved into an assisted living facility in 2000.  Aaron passed away in 2004 and Catherine continued to live at the Fountains at Sea Bluffs Assisted Living in Dana Point where she served as the President of her council for several years.  Her first great grandson, K.J., was born in 2007 and a second great grandson, Wyatt, in 2015.  She continues to reside at the Fountains in the Memory Unit and enjoys spending time with her family.

Catherine with other Army wives

Catherine with Special Forces Association, Chapter XII Members at a chapter Christmas Party 

Colonel and Catherine with attendees at the

Special Forces 50th Anniversary

Catherine and Members of the Special Forces Association, Chapter XII at San Juan Capistrano, Swallows Day

Colonel Bank, Catherine with Mick Nathanson;

Author of "The Dirty Dozen"

Catherine and Colonel Roger Dolon, MOH

(Medal Of Honor Recipient)

Catherine and Colonel Bank

Catherine with Linda

Catherine holding newborn; second

daughter Alexandra  ("Sandy") and Linda

Colonel Bank, Linda and Catherine Christmas Day

Colonel Bank and Catherine

Catherine and Colonel Bank

Colonel, Linda and Catherine at the Special Forces 50th Anniversary

Linda with Catherine at Special Forces Association, Chapter XII Christmas Party

Catherine and daughter Linda

Catherine Bank

Catherine with Great Grandson K.J.

Catherine Bank, Great grandmother seeing her second great grandson Wyatt, for the first time

Posted August 14, 2015

Catherine with Great Grandson K.J.

4 Generations; daughter Linda far right, Michelle Granddaughter Left, and Great Grandson K.J. on Linda's lap

Catherine with Family Christmas

Catherine Bank, the wife of the late Colonel Aaron Bank, Celebrate's her 95th birthday with her daughters; Left Linda and Alexandra ("Sandy") right!

July 3, 2015

Daughter Linda, Catherine and Daughter Alexandra ("Sandy")

Catherine with Family Christmas

"Behind every Great Man, is a Great Woman!"

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