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Chapter XII, The Catherine Bank's Chapter, of Southern California is one of six Special Forces Association chapters located in California. As of January 2015 there are 105 chapters throughout the United States and includes SFA chapters in Guam, Iraq, Germany, the Phillipines, Okinawa and Thailand. Historically, each designated numbered chapter is ranked in order according to their founding date into the national organization. Chapter XII is proud of our heritage and the first chapter founded in California in 1974.




Chapter XII in Southern California is a fraternal organization of the U.S. Army Special Forces qualified individuals, either SF Active Duty, SF National Guard, SF Reserves and Retired personnel. Our membership also includes Associate Membership to those who have supported and or served alongside SF Operations in combat in foreign theatres of war. We are proud that our current membership of active members includes two SFA members, one residing in San Francisco and the other in Azirona, who elect to join us at least twice a year to attend our annual beach picnic at San Onofre, CA. and our annual Christmas Party held at different selected locations.


Our chapter membership is focused on fellowship and sharing our mutual acceptance of all who join us in our membership. Chapter XII reaches out and encourages qualified SF indidviduals who are members at large of the SFA, those who are in isolated areas near a SFA chapter and includes those who do not belong to any chapter, to join our chapter. Other than the general SFA membership requirements, those who join us are encouraged to meet with us during at least one of the three following annual events; Annual Picnic at San Onofre California, (Camp Pendleton area), the Christmas Party at selected locations and the annual SFA National Reunion at selected chapter sites throughout the United States.




Our SFA Membership includes members who are often geographically separated by long driving distances to attend monthly membership meetings. To stimulate strong attendance at these monthly event, the membership had decided that instead of a fixed chapter meeting facility, we would rotate meeting places in and around Southern California locations. Annually, we have our September joint chapter picnic at San Onofre Beach, at Camp Pendleton California.

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