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New Chapter XII Challenge Coin Samples

Chapter XII of The Special Forces Association has decided to follow the trend of other chapters and establish a Chapter XII Challenge Coin. Chapter XII members voted to pursue the idea of a chapter challenge coin. The design for the coin came from the members and all suggested ideas were consided and placed in the various designs. This project is not for monetary gain, but is a fund raiser to support other chapter charity projects. Samples are shown below for you to select your choices of front and back.


The final choice was made at the May 2016 meeting. Delivery will be by the July meeting so they can be given as Christmas gifts or other occasions. As for now the suggested cost per coin is $20.00 to purchase one. Everyone will pay this price with no exceptions. 


These coins will be made available to members and former members of Chapter XII, other SFA Chapter members, Spouse's of Special Forces Association members, special sponsors who support Chapter XII. More details will be given for purchasing the coin or coins when production is started.


 All email choices were counted and saved as proof of final selections. The final choice are as indicated below.

Chapter Coin Choice Majority Final Votes Update as of May 7, 2016 for: 



Final Selection was held on May 7, 2016 at the May's Meeting!

The chapter's final choice 

The Final Vote was made by the Chapter and printed copies of all email selections as proof of a valid vote are are being kept as record and varified by the attending members of the chapter at the May's meeting, held at Idyllwild, California May 7, 2016.


The chapter president had no vote


On May 9, 2016 the order for the coin was submitted for manufacturing. The estimated return time for delivery of the coin will be by the July's meeting, July 9, 2016. Method of payment to purchase a coin will be posted on or before coins have been received. For those purchasing the coin by mail a shipping cost will be added to the purchase cost. The shipping cost will be posted when the weight of the coin(s) is calculated by the US Postal Servicee?

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